Play our new Trade to Travel Draw Trivia game on Facebook and Twitter!

If you play our new Trade to Travel Draw trivia game on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll find great ideas on where to travel to!tw_soccer fans-blog

Each social media post will provide an interesting question asking you to identify either destinations, sports stadiums, or music venues. The answer to the question will appear the next day located in the comments/reply section within the same post. If you like trivia and know your geography, you should be able to guess each question right!

Start planning your vacation or next concert because there’s four chances to win great prizes! Redeem 200 i-Say points for one entry before April 30th for your chance to win! Two winners will receive a vacation worth up to $4000! Take some time and explore exotic destinations or historical landmarks. The other two winners will receive a $400 StubHub eGift card where you can enjoy sporting events and concerts right from the front row!

Don’t miss your opportunity to take the journey of a lifetime with Trade to Travel Draw! If you want to enter multiple times, take more surveys! Redeem your i-Say points for rewards before April 30th!

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