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There’s always that “it” gift that parents will wait in long lines for. According to Fox News, in 2014, the “it” gifts were any music from Taylor Swift and all things Elsa.  According to this article, consumers bought enough Elsa dolls from to pass the top of Cinderella’s Castle 855 times (for those of you that don’t know, Cinderella’s castle is 189 feet tall).  That’s amazing!!! What do you think the next “it” gift will be?online shopping

This Black Friday you can choose to go into stores or you can order your presents online. Last year, Ipsos and Google found that 75% of smartphone users planned to use their mobile devices for their holiday shopping. Businesses are trying to focus on engaging you (the consumer) online because convenience is a big draw to shopping. Businesses are also aware of how you want to save money. The same study from Ipsos and Google shows that in 2010, consumers accessed on average, 5 different sources before making their final gift decision. Last year, that number increased to 12 sources.

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