Where should you travel to in 2016? See the top places to visit this year!

Thinking about taking a trip this year? Here are some of the top places to visit in 2016 and what to do once you’re there!fb-hiking


This tropical utopia is not only filled with great beaches but includes one of the best whale watching seasons during March and April. The most efficient and fun way to get around the island for tourists are motorized scooters and hybrid electric bikes. Their lobster season is one of the best in the world. It is usually served in their classic creamy tomato sauce along with their signature wahoo which is grilled mild white fish.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

We all know how beautiful Hawaii is but not as many people know about the molten rock emanating from their volcanoes.  The Hawai’i volcanoes have created hundreds of new land masses deep within the Pacific Ocean. From March through October, there are shorter lines and more opportunities to see the lava flow. Be sure to visit the Volcano Art Center Gallery to get authentic woven Hawaiian baskets, home grown Ka’u coffee and fresh Hawaiian sweetbread. This National Park was established in 1916 and covers 333,086 acres of the island.

Glasgow, Scotland

The vintage soot covered buildings of the 15th century are gone and what remains is a new beautiful cityscape. The city includes close to 100 differing gardens including Victory Park which still has fragments of an ancient swamp forest. The forest is called Fossil Grove which protects 11 fossilized tree stumps which are about 330 million years old.


This giant archipelago which consists of 7,107 islands has a variety of beaches including the Great Santa Cruz Island. On the south island of Siargao includes hundreds of coral and fish species. Some of the top cuisines can be found at the Midnight Mercato Centrale where they have Filipino-style pork belly strips, beef tongue burritos, and slow roasted pork known as liempo. A hidden gem about the Philippines is its beautiful green countryside which is filled with cattle, horses, and water buffalo.

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