Will a new U.S. President improve the economy? See what Americans had to say?

According to an Ipsos study, 32% of Americans think that the economy will improve with a new President in the White House. However, 51% of Americans feel that there’ll be no change in how the economy will function. The study states that 17% of Americans actually believe the U.S. economy will weaken when a new President comes into office.wall-st-fb

Young Americans tend to be more optimistic about the U.S. economy and what a new President can do to strengthen it. Americans aged 18-34, which accounts for 32% of the U.S. population, think the economy will improve following the presidential election in November of 2016. As the American age range increases, the optimism decreases. Americans aged 35 to 54 accounts for 30% of economic optimism while those aged 55 and up are only at 29%.

It’s clear that Americans are eager to learn how a new president will improve their day-to-day lifestyle. The Ipsos study broke down which specific aspects are most valued by Americans when it comes to electing a new President. A large of majority of Americans (32%) stated that the President’s ability to help them save money was paramount. This statistic was followed by 23% of Americans who stressed the importance of being able to pay their bills on time as to not fall into debt.

It’s not clear whether a new President will significantly improve the economy but, it is clear is that Americans are looking for a candidate who is interested in improving the day-to-day living of every U.S. citizen. Instead of grand gestures or false proclamations during elections, Americans want to believe in a candidate who can provide just a little bit extra to help everyone live happier and easier lives.


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